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The Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S. Public Health Service (COA) is dedicated to improving and protecting the public health of the United States by advocating for the Commissioned Corps and its officers.

COA protects the interests of the Commissioned Corps officers of the U.S. Public Health Service, uniformed service professionals in public health and global health.

Recent COA achievements include:

  • Whistleblower protections
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill transferability for PHS officers
  • Congressional passage of all COA-backed health care reform proposals
  • 49 years of the annual USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium, a mission-related conference bringing together Federal, state, local, and tribal health leaders

Latest Stories

2015 COA Board of Directors Election is Now Open

03/26/2015 - The 2015 COA Board of Directors election is now open. Click the link below to cast your vote. In many cases, contested vacancies are won by a mere handful of votes. Your vote does count. Please use it! Vote today for the PHS officers who will help to guide COA for the next three years. The deadline for voting is May 2, 2015.
Click here to vote for the 2015 COA Board of Directors

Inaugural NYC COA Anchor

03/24/2015 - The Greater New York City Commissioned Officers Association invites you to a one of a kind event in a one of a kind city. The First Inaugural NYC COA Anchor and Caduceus Dinner. We are kindly asking all COA members from across America to attend this special event as this will be a wonderful opportunity to connect in a fun and festive setting outside of the work environment. Click the link below for full details.
Inaugural NYC COA Anchor & Caduceus

Authors Release Short Course on Table Protocol

03/11/2015 - CAPT James E. Knoben (Ret.) and CAPT Alice Knoben, authors of the second edition of the book "PHS Officer's Guide: Leadership, Protocol, and Service Standards" have released a short course on the essentials of table and dining protocol. Captains Jim and Alice Knoben spell out everything from place settings to holding the fork properly and considerations for a receiving line. Below is a link to the PDF of their short course. It will be especially helpful for COA Local Branches hosting a formal dinner.
PHS Table and Dining Protocol

COA Insurance

03/10/2015 - COA Insurance. Financial fitness with group rates. We offer Term Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance and Long Term Disability Insurance.

More association news



We have now partnered with the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University, allowing COA members to receive a $7,500 scholarship when they enroll in the online, accredited Master of Public Health program or the online Executive Master of Health Administration.


Below is a 1936 film that includes the history of the USPHS.



The March Frontline is available for viewing on the COA Members Only website.
The March Frontline is available for viewing on the COA Members Only website. Interested in submitting an article for Frontline? See GUIDELINES for submissions (located @ Members Only/Frontline). Then email submission to Frontline@coausphs.org.

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Post 9/11 GI Bill Transferability

Huge victory for USPHS Commissioned Corps officers who serve their country with honor. Want to take advantage of this great benefit but don’t know where to start? The Cincinnati COA Branch developed “Notes from the Road." Below it is guidance prepared by GI Bill experts at PHS.

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