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Membership in COA means being part of an association of fellow officers in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.  It affords professional development and networking opportunities and ensures you have a voice that will be heard.  COA runs on a fiscal year of July 1-June 30.  COA does not prorate annual National dues or Life Membership dues.  COA offers Local Branches throughout the country and overseas.  Please visit the Local Branches page for more information.  COA also offers a promotional membership to newly commissioned officers.  Please complete the application to take advantage of the offer. Email your application to [email protected].

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Member - O3 and Below

$120 annual dues for the following groups:

  Active Duty (O3 and below)
Retired (O3 and below)

Member - O4 and Above

  $200 annual dues for the following groups:

  Active Duty (O4 and above)
Retired (O4 and above) 

Member - Other

  $65 annual dues for the following groups:

  USPHS Ready Reserve, Associate/Civilian, Former Commissioned Officer, Really Retired/no longer working, and Non-PHS Student

Member - Life

  When you become a Life Membership of COA, you strengthen COA's ability to advocate for PHS officers.  You also make a lifetime investment for yourself.  Payment for life membership may be made in full or in three installments within one COA fiscal year (July 1 - April 30). If you are a current member, please email [email protected] to have your membership converted to a life membership.


 39 and under $2,185
 40-44 $1,990
 45-49 $1,780
 50-54 $1,530
 55-59 $1,265
 60-64 $ 975
65-70  $730 
71 and above $ 600














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